Discover our personalization service and find the combination that suits you. Whether for aesthetic or benefactor purposes.


6mm Stone bracelet

If you are looking for a stone bracelet, thin and discreet, able to associate with all the looks, choose the 6 mm pearls. There are many possibilities open to you, both in the choice of fine stones and in the finishes. You can also choose to create a bracelet made entirely of stones, for an even more sober look.


8mm stone bracelet

We also offer a higher stone caliber for customization, a diameter of 8mm. Due to its larger size, you can opt for this one for more assertive looks. Some finishes will be exclusive to the 8mm caliber, due to the width of some which make them incompatible with 6mm bracelets. When it comes to semi-precious stones, the choice remains the same with almost limitless combinations.

If your desire for customization exceeds the possibilities of our online simulation. Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.



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